You Won’t Believe What’s In Trump’s SICK New Plan To Destroy Careers Of Cruz And Kasich, What A Jerk

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Republican Presidential nominee Joseph Stalin Pol Pot Adolf Hitler Donald Trump HATES it when people say they don’t like him. This super-secure alpha male guy wants everybody to say that he’s “the best” at all times. And if they don’t…well, it’s curtains for them. Maybe this works within the parallel universes of his many self-named failed business ventures, but this rookie politician hasn’t quite accepted the fact that he can’t always get his way in the cutthroat world of D.C. politics.

It’s hard to call Ted Cruz a man of conscience, but you have to throw him a bone in that he dared non-endorse Trump on live TV at the GOP convention. equally strong in the face of orange Trump, was John Kasich, who declined to endorse Trump or even show up to the GOP convention.

How did Trump react to the “insubordination” of his rivals? well, he’s now determined to destroy their careers for the offense of not showing Chris Christie style boot-licking fealty.

According to Bloomberg Politics, Trump is planning on creating a Super PAC just to fund Kasich and Cruz’s rivals when they run again for elected office. Trump said as much directly at an event this past week. When asked about Cruz, Trump said:

Maybe I’ll set up a super PAC if he decides to run.

How bonkers is Donald Trump? Can America survive a Trump Presidency?

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