U.S. State Just Passed The Most Oppressive Law Against Women In History, You’ll Cringe

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The stated of Oklahoma just took a giant step backwards for women’s reproductive rights.

A Public Health Committee at the state capitol agreed to let dads block abortions. That’s right. Now women must get men’s permission to have an abortion in Oklahoma.

However, Republican state representative Justin Humphrey said that he just wants to include the father in the abortion process, but what he is really doing is giving the man the right to control the woman’s body.

A woman would have to reveal the father’s name and provide his “written, informed” consent, before she could have the abortion. Humphrey authored House Bill 1441 that says fathers can veto a women’s decision to go forward with the abortion, even in the case of incest.

According to Humphrey women are simply “hosts” to unborn babies:

‘When I use the term host, it’s not meant to degrade women. If there’s better verbiage out there, I will gladly use better verbiage. I just couldn’t find it.’

Moreover, Humphrey told the committee:

‘My bill would stop an abortion if a father does not agree to the abortion. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered in this bill. I’m willing to work with any of y’all to change things, to work with either side, to make a better bill.’

According to Planned Parenthood Great Plains’ Tamya Cox:

‘While it made exceptions for rape, incest and death of the partner, it did not consider women in an abusive relationship. One of the very numerous problems with this bill is there are so many questions left unanswered that may never be answered.’

Can you believe that Oklahoma would take such a backward step for women’s reproductive rights?

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