History Experts Warn: Trump Using Hitler’s Playbook In Making Plans For America’s Future


There have been a lot of comparisons of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, and this isn’t often hyperbole. While in the past many compare leaders to Hitler to proclaim they’re evil, Trump literally draws clear parallels to the former Chancellor of Germany.Not only did Hitler come to power with only 33 percent of the vote, a minority, much like Trump, he’s pulling strategy right out of Hitler’s playbook.

“The Nazi party and Hitler became wildly popular among German citizenry with the use of endless propaganda that included large amounts of money spent on campaigns filled with Nationalistic slogans. These campaigns were then dispersed via newspapers, posters, leaflets, etc. Anything, really, to rally support behind their lies.

Hitler wanted the nation to return to greatness and be a worldwide force to be reckoned with. And what greater way to rally support than by blaming a minority group for all the nation’s problems, in this case, Jewish individuals? It was an easy cop-out and shifted blame from leadership.”
And what did Trump do throughout the course of his entire election, shift blame to Mexicans, Muslims and China for all our problems. Blame the other, then there’s no need to blame ourselves. Instill a sense of unabashed nationalism and people will be none the wiser. Keeping up with following Hitler’s cues, Trump is now doing exactly what Hitler did in regards to salary as president. He told 60 Minutes that he doesn’t plan to take a salary, and if he does, it would only be $1.

According to “The Third Reich In Power” by Richard Evans, Hitler was already wealthy on his own, so in an effort to promote a false sense of nationalism that he could use to his favor to get people to stand with him, he took no salary.

“… it was clear that Hitler had little use for the modest salary of 45,000 Reichsmarks he earned as Reich Chancellor, or for the annual expense allowance of 18,000 Reichsmarks; early in his Chancellorship, therefore, he publicly renounced both salary and allowance in a propagandistic gesture designed to advertise the spirit of selfless dedication in which he ruled the country.”

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