Trump Supporters Make Unbelievably Racist Comments About Michelle Obama’s Magazine Cover

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First Lady Michelle Obama was featured in InStyle magazine recently and posed for photos to go along with her interview. The interview, dress Michelle wore, and the photographs were beautiful, but still managed to incite hate among the population of racist, bigot, Trump supporters.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has unfathomably rude supporters, especially on social media, but it never fails to shock me what conservatives choose to attack. The viciousness and passionate hatefulness shown in the accompanying screenshots is appalling. (Page 1 of 3)

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One popular conservative Facebook group, “The Resistance: The Last Line Of Defense” decided to take a photo of Michelle from her InStyle magazine shoot an turn it into a meme, in which the First Lady is referred to as “Moochelle” and it’s implied that she’s a transgender male.

Sadly, the Facebook post and photo aren’t the worst part of this whole situation. The comments that Trump supporters posted about Michelle Obama are genuinely horrendous. Keep in mind that all of the screen captures in this article are only a small portion of what ended up in the comments section of the Facebook post. (Page 2 of 3)

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Some people were real winners, and attacked her looks in general, implying she weighs too much and is ugly. Immaturity is rampant when it comes to semi-anonymous mud slinging.

Then there were the many comments which were actually encouraged by the original post, in which it’s implied that Michelle Obama is a transgender male.


Not to be outdone by the homophobic commenters, the racists felt the need to throw in some colorful comments of their own.


This election season I urge voters to go beyond party affiliation when it comes to choosing the next commander in chief. It’s 2016 and Michelle Obama has been our First Lady for 8 years now. For 8 years she has experienced intense and extreme criticism over everything from the way she looks to the way she dresses, the way she talks, the color of her skin and virtually anything negative you can think of, and that’s only the non-political things conservatives spew out, therefore it’s completely unfounded hate. If you don’t like the way a person looks, that’s fine, but anyone with a brain knows that the way we look versus the the mind means very little. If you want to see the picture of poise in the eye of a hurricane look no further than First Lady Michelle Obama.

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