Trump Fans Are ENRAGED Over Charlie Sheen’s Latest Tweet!


It’s a very unique and scary time in our country, but also a time for change. This is a time for every American who values this country and the people in it to come together and to try very hard and very conscientiously to resist Trump. That means scientists, celebrities, citizens, bureaucrats…I mean, it seriously means everyone. The moral imperatives are high. Fortunately, activists and organizers are on it.

If you need some inspiration and proof that progressives are going to win in the fight against Trump and his hate, this viral article will give you what you need. It’s getting passed around in all of the progressives grassroots circles, and if you haven’t read it yet you should do so now.

And now even Charlie Sheen has gotten in on the game, enraging Trump supporters just with one simple tweet that he sent out. He said, “Dear God, Trump Next Please!” referring of course to the slew of celebrity deaths that have been one of the defining features of 2016.

Unsurprisingly, dumbass conservatives at The Daily Wire were pissed. They wrote “…this is just the latest item on a long list of offenses our national media is showing little to no outrage towards. Returning to Sheen, so what? Personally, I do not care about tasteless jokes, even if they are directed at My President.

What is notable, though, is a national media that assures and reassures us they are objective and unbiased guardians of truth and norms, and yet… where is the 24/7 cable news sh*tstorm over what, just 6 weeks ago, this very same media would have rampaged against in defense of their precious Obama?”

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