NY Times SLAMS Trump Over Israel: “Netanyahu Uses Trump Like A __________”


Renowned journalist, Thomas L. Friedman, wrote an op-ed on in the New York Times on how Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is manipulating Donald Trump to support him in his no-win scenario on Israel.

Friedman stated that Netanyahu is like a drunk friend with the support from the right wing of his own government, and not to be trusted to drive a hopeful two-state solution with Palestine.

After the U.S. declined to veto the UN resolution to admonish Israel for West Bank settlements into Palestine territory, both Netanyahu and Trump expressed criticism for U.S. President Barack Obama.

Friedman states that Netanyahu will:

‘Build workable alternatives that would create greater separation and win Israel global support. More worrisome is the fact that President-elect Donald Trump — who could be a fresh change agent — is letting himself get totally manipulated by right-wing extremists, and I mean extreme.’

He also slams Trump:

‘His ambassador-designate to Israel, David Friedman, has compared Jews who favor a two-state solution to Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. I’ve never heard such a vile slur from one Jew to another.

Friedman continued:

‘It would draw all attention away from Iran’s own human rights abuses and enable Iran and ISIS to present themselves as the leading Muslim protectors of Jerusalem — and to present America’s Sunni Arab allies as lackeys of an extremist Israel. This would create all kinds of problems for these Arab regimes. A West Bank on fire would become a recruitment tool for ISIS and Iran.’

Friedman continued:

‘Trump also has no idea how much he is being manipulated into helping Iran and ISIS…One day Trump will wake up and discover that he was manipulated into becoming the co-father, with Netanyahu, of an Israel that is either no longer Jewish or no longer democratic. He will discover that he was Bibi’s chump.’

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