Newt Gingrich LOSES His Sh*t On Live TV, Rants About “___________ Sex Doll,” Fox News’ Reaction Is HILARIOUS!


Ever since the election, it seems that everyone in the pundit and political spheres are completely losing their minds. They are all insane and just showing how ridiculous they really are, even the liberals who are going off and talking about the ‘party of Reagan’ as though that’s something to aspire toward!

That’s why we need a principled progressive fight against Trump, not anything about reconciling or working with him. One viral article in particular has been making waves in the grassroots progressive communities online, and if you have not gotten around to reading it yet you should do so now.

But now Newt Gingrich is really revealing his insanity to the world with his latest rant, somehow comparing Obama to deflating sex dolls on Fox News. Can you believe it? Here’s his latest quote: “I think President Obama is beginning to figure out that his legacy is like one of those dolls that as the air comes out of it, it shrinks and shrinks and shrinks.

In six years, 70 percent of his legacy is executive orders, almost all of which will be repudiated by Trump.”If you’re wondering if there are some cool new non-sex related blow up dolls out on the market now which Gingrich was referring to, the answer appears to be “no.”

If you run a Google search for “blow up doll,” you get a long list of results – but most are advertising things like “3 holes” or “lifelike.” Navigating to Wikipedia from “blow up doll” automatically redirects you to “sex doll.” Gingrich is a filthy, filthy man. Pretty dang gross!

Jokes aside, what are you going to do —actively do—to resist Trump and his agenda? If you’re ready to do your part, consider signing on to this grassroots call to action.

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