New Poll Reveals That Obama Is The Most Popular President Of All Time


Established members of the GOP have done everything in their power to hamstring President Obama’s ability to take action during his two terms. Despite this, however, America’s first black president has managed to pull through some pretty impressive stuff in his 8 years. With his popularity climbing to record levels, it looks like the American people are finally giving him his due respect.

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, the alleged Muslim, Kenyan-born socialist/fascist who is ruining America now has a 52% approval rating. What’s more, this is up from January, when the POTUS was enjoying a 50% approval rating, his highest since he took office. It also marks the third consecutive poll where he’s got a majority approval from the American people, and the fourth where he’s shown a gain in popularity. According to The Hill, this is the best that America has felt about him since 2012.

Contrasting that with other modern presidents, you have Reagan with 48% approval, George W. Bush with 30%, and Bill Clinton narrowly edging out Barack with 55%.

Obama has agreed to join Hillary on the campaign trail, and it’s likely that she’s hoping his presence and popularity will translate into a better connection with American voters. Hillary’s approval ratings are at a historic low, according to theHuffington Post. The New York Daily News backed up this hypothesis with a quote from presidential historian Mike Purdy, who said:

‘President Obama’s strong approval ratings, at this point in his presidency, can only help Hillary Clinton’s quest for the White House. Voters who generally believe that the president is doing a good job will be less inclined to vote for a change in the party occupying the White House.’

He went on to elaborate just why Obama may be so positively viewed.

‘President Obama’s legacy among second-term presidents will be strong. … Despite political opposition, Obama’s earnestness, intelligence, and dignified manner have all contributed to his high approval ratings and these factors will leave a strong second-term legacy for the president.’

Obama’s support for Clinton could indeed prove decisive in a battle in November between Clinton and her opponent, whose approval ratings are even lower despite massive populist appeal. But the outcome won’t be terribly clear cut. George H.W. Bush may have been able to credit Reagan partially for his victory in 1988, but being VP to the original President Clinton didn’t help Al Gore win against George W. Bush in 2000. Purdy seems optimistic about Clinton’s chances, but his forecast is certainly guarded.

‘Voters will likely view a vote for Clinton as a vote for the continued stability of the Obama administration versus the unpredictability of a potential Trump administration. Of course, the election is still four-plus months away and in politics that represents an eternity, where there can be many disruptive events that may occur that could change the dynamics of the race.’

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