LEAKED: Paul Ryan’s Plan For 2017 Is EXPOSED, If You Voted Hillary You Will Be Horrified


It just keeps getting scarier. We can focus on Trump, but the truth is that all Republicans and everyone on the right is just as bad. They enabled him, and their plans for the future are just as grim and frankly kind of demonic, even if they aren’t quite as explicit or straightforward as brash Trump.

There’s never been a more important time to generate awareness and try to convince people to resist. That’s why articles like this one are so important, showing us the critical ways to organize and build coalitions to effectively resist the agenda of the entire Right.

And now Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican-controlled Congress have some utterly scary plans. According to ThinkProgress, the incoming House majority plans to schedule a vote on the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act (REINS Act) soon after new members are sworn in next Tuesday.

A top priority of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the leading lobby group for big business, REINS would fundamentally alter the federal government in ways that could hobble federal agencies during periods when the same party controls Congress and the White House — and absolutely cripple those agencies during periods of divided government.

It goes without saying that this is terrifying. It stands to jeopardize everything that liberals cherish and hold dear, and frankly that is just a terrifying prospect. It’s getting to a point where we have to decide just how brave we are willing to be, and how we want to be remembered by history. Will you sit back, or will you take this viral grassroots call to action? It’s in your hands now.

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