Fox Host Just Trashed Fellow Fox Host On Air For Defending Trump’s Media Bashing, It’s Vicious

DEM Shep Chris

During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, it was apparent that opinions were divided about him at Fox News, both in the newsroom and the boardroom.

While the majority of Fox News’ on-screen personalities have come to embrace Trump since his election victory, a handful of Fox News hosts have remained critical of aspiring dictator Trump. The most forceful of these is Shepard Smith Reporting host Shep Smith, who just knocked down his own fellow Fox host Chris Wallace on air for defending Trump’s attacks on the media.

Shep Smith bashed Trump’s criticism of anonymous sources when Chris Wallace stated to him that an unnamed “senior administration official” informed him at a meeting that undocumented immigrants without criminal records don’t have to worry about being deported. Said Smith to Wallace, “Oh! so they’re giving us anonymous sources after they rail on us for using anonymous sources—that is hilarious.” Responded Wallace, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Replied Shep, “I’m not, I’m just making a point! The point should be made. Don’t use anonymous sources, except for the ones we send out to you anonymously. Those anonymous ones are awesome.”

Smith then asked Wallace if any staff members from Trump’s list of “enemy of the people” media outlets were present at the meeting. Wallace attempted to use the bizarre Jekyll and Hyde defense of Trump that if “people could see this president, who is different in private,” which resulted in Shep lambasting Wallace. Said Smith, “I know he is but that’s not what he wants people to see. He wants people to think there’s a major war against organizations that are reporting facts he doesn’t like. When you’re in the room with him, it’s all good. But when you’re on TV he vilifies you and treats you like you’re doing something wrong, when you’re actually doing everything right. That’s annoying.” Are you happy that Trump is getting blowback even at Fox News? Watch the heated exchange below:

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