EXPOSED: Rick Perry’s College Transcripts Leak, He Is Humiliated


Trump’s Cabinet is full of every sort of rotten person, and most of them have expressed interest in dismantling the very departments that they’re now being placed in charge of. And the thing is, most of them have terrifying ideas and not much education.

That’s why this guide to organizing against Trump has gone so viral in progressive circles…it tells us how we can resist the worst parts of his agenda and keep the most vulnerable people in our country safe. So if you are interesting in working against him, you must read this.

And one of the most recent announcements was Rick Perry as head of the Department of Energy. Yes, you’re remembering correctly, that’s the guy who famously forgot that the Department of Energy existed during a Republican primary debate in 2011.

And he is replacing a top theoretical physicist, who currently holds the job. The scariest part of that is his educational background. Because during his university days at Texas A&M, ol’ Perry distinguished himself with his truly horrendous grades, particularly in science courses. And you know…that’s kind of important for this position.

The Daily Beast gives quite a startling summary of Perry’s collegiate achievements: By contrast, Perry took four chemistry courses and got two Cs, a D and an F. He got a C in physics. And a D in something called “Meat.” Something called…Meat?!

Compare that to the current head of the department, who, you know, has a Nobel Prize. This is a disaster in the making. Are you going to stand idly by while this happens, or are you going to do your part and resist? If it’s the latter, you should take this call to action to resist Trump.

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