Dan Rather Exposed What Was “Bubbling Beneath The Surface” Of Trump’s Speech, Trump Will Hate It

DEM Dan bubbling

Legendary newsman Dan Rather has a lifetime of perspective to help him judge the young and chaotic presidency of former reality TV star and failed casino developer Donald Trump.

After all, Rather has covered everything from Nixon’s botched burglary to George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. He knows presidential foolishness, as well as malice, because he’s seen it before. He just called out Trump for the disturbing element that he observed “bubbling beneath the surface” of Trump’s recent speech.

Wrote Rather on his Facebook page, “We’ve seen this before. After a period of sustained chaos, Donald Trump ascends a podium, and for a moment at least, reads a relatively measured speech from a teleprompter. For the most part, in tone and temperament it is a world away from the Tweets, and the press conferences. In many ways it was standard conservative Republican fare on such topics as tax cuts, although watching Paul Ryan stand and applaud lines calling into question free trade and major spending on infrastructure shows how much the GOP elite has swung behind President Trump.”

Rather continued, “The President’s call for economic populism is a popular instinct in the country, that I think cuts across party lines. If that was the centerpiece of his agenda, I suspect his poll numbers would be much higher. But of course there is so much more we have seen over the past several weeks that show how the most controversial rhetoric of the campaign has continued from the President in office. Tonight, Mr. Trump referenced history on many occasions, seeking to give his very unconventional administration the trappings of its place in sustained American values. There were many lines that will be seen as smoothing out the edges. But bubbling beneath the surface was still a President who is stoking division. I think the most noteworthy section, and one that history will mark, was his focus on crimes from immigrants. It is a dangerous and disingenuous strawman. Yes illegal immigrants have committed crimes. But what about the Indian worker who was just murdered in Kansas? Or the little children and teachers in Connecticut? Or African Americans in prayer in South Carolina?” Do you think Rather is right?


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