Bernie Just Gave Scared GOPs Epic Warning About How Protests Will Escalate, Is He Right?

DEM Sanders warning

Republican congresspersons who backed Donald Trump and his racist, bigoted agenda have been ducking town halls with their constituents, citing safety concerns in a hilarious and sad twist.

Senator Bernie Sanders recently appeared on CNN and had some tough words to Republicans about liberal protesters.

Erin Burnett asked Sanders if he might cut these congressperson some slack, and Bernie responded, “No, I don’t. No, I honestly don’t. And I don’t accept it for a minute. If you don’t have the guts to face your constituents, then you shouldn’t be in the United States Congress.” She then asked him about Sean Spicer’s allegation about the protesters being paid, and he answered, “Look, I hope I do not shock your viewers by telling you that the White House occasionally lies, and that’s just another lie.” He continued, “I think you are seeing people organizing effectively, but unlike the Tea Party, this is not being funded by billionaire class,” said Sanders.

Added Bernie, “There are people all over this country now — and by the way it’s not just Democrats, there are Republicans who are looking at Trump and the White House and they’re saying, ‘Hey, you told us, Mr. President, that you were not going to cut Social security, Medicare and Medicaid.’” Addressing voters’ concerns, he went on, “‘You sent out a million tweets promising us you wouldn’t do it, now you have brought into your administration people whose whole career is based on cutting Social security, Medicare and Medicaid. You told us, Mr. President when you were campaigning, you were going to stand up to Wall Street. You brought half of Wall Street into your administration. What’s going on?’” He concluded, “I think the Republicans have not seen anything yet. If they’re worried about the protests they’re seeing, they’re going to see more. This coming Saturday we believe there will be well over 100 protests.” How much do you love Bernie for telling the truth? Watch below:


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