Before Carrie Fisher Died, She Had One Last Epic Message For Donald Trump


Carrie Fisher recently passed away. She was a legend, a feminist icon, and an advocate for anyone with mental health issues. The late actress has long spoken openly about her problems with addiction and mental health, once tweeting that President-elect Donald Trump’s incessant sniffling during the presidential debates looked a lot like the result of cocaine use.

She later clarified that she doesn’t believe Trump uses cocaine, saying “I know something about this, so if he did coke, he would want you to know.” Fisher had always embodied a rebel spirit in life. This is especially apparent in her tweets. Weeks before her passing, she tweeted some criticism of President-elect Donald Trump.

And frankly, it was epic and given his worship of celebrities, it surely hit him right where it hurt. She tweeted, “Trump speaking his mind isn’t refreshing, it’s appalling. Coca Cola is refreshing…” Isn’t that just the truth, Carrie? Wow, the world is going to be a harsher place without her in it.

She said all kinds of others, like “ripping babies from wombs on the final day of pregnancy” is inducing birth& sum1 who hates Mexicans as much as Don cant use the term,hombre.” And “So you have to be attractive to be groped uninvited by Trump. Finally! A reason to want to be ugly!”

Remember, the fighters in Star Wars were up against a large and powerful, intimidating Empire. And they continued to be rebellious and principled. Will you take that same role, and how will history remember you? If you are ready to a rebel who resists, take this grassroots call to action.


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